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Camping in British Columbia

Camping in British Columbia


In all the modern age, with all of our technology and infrastructure, skyscrapers and coffee shops, hotels and motels, it can be difficult to escape the hubbub of life in the 21st Century. One of our oldest and grandest pastimes however, can be the liberation we often need. Camping out in the nature is one of the few hobbies that allow you to escape the city, get in touch with wildlife and have fun without worrying about having a Wi-Fi signal. You can camp with friends, with your kids, with the entire family or even by yourself if you need a little solitude. One of the great things about camping is that literally anyone can do it and you don’t have to go ‘Bear Grylls style’ drinking your own bodily fluids to survive. Of course if you want to really push yourself to the limit you can follow Bear’s advice and eat creepy crawlies and abseil down giant mountains, but we are going to look at a safer type of camping which involves more sitting around a campfire and sleeping in tents than looking for grubs under rocks and risking your life.

Camping in BC

I seriously doubt that a better range of camping locations can be found anywhere else on the planet. British Columbia is a huge area of land with a massive range of locations, from daunting mountainous plateaus for skiing adventures to pristine lakes for family camping trips. You can explore nature in protected forests and stroll along empty beaches for hours. If sport is your thing then come to British Colombia because you can get the best of just about any sport possible. Hiking is massive in BC, with routes for all levels of experience and skiing is also prevalent. Camping is hugely popular in BC with campsites all over the state so in this article we aim to look at some of the best. Let’s look at some of the best areas to camp and what they have to offer. Each area has many campsites and sleeping locations with varying facilities to suit your camping needs. You should book beforehand to ensure you get the best location possible and check out what each place has to offer on their websites.

Best locations for camping in British Columbia

Vancouver Island

If you are looking to hike through pristine forests in fairly flat land or walk along beautiful beaches the Vancouver Island maybe the place for you. You won’t find any mountain ranges, but you can sleep under the stars, share stories by the camp fire and enjoy views of the Pacific Ocean that will change your appreciation of nature. Vancouver Island has over 85 different camping grounds that offer a wide range of services such as showers, internet access and restaurants for those who might miss their home comforts. You can also find campsites with the very basics for those seeking more of an authentic trip. Check out Snow Creek Recreation Site for fishing, kayaking and windsurfing. Juan de Fuca Provincial Park is a little further inland but perfect for a few beers by the fire and a forest hike on one of the many guided routes the following day. Englishman River Falls Provincial Park has waterfalls and thick forests for an awesome adventure through the wilderness.

Kootenay Rockies

For those seeking a more mountainous view, the Kootenay Rockies are perfect for relaxing by the fire and enjoying impeccable nature in all its glory. You can see several mountain ranges from most of this area and visit hot springs that shoot out steaming jets of water. Kayaking through lakes and hiking through protected forests are also popular activities here. If you consider yourself a keen angler, then visit Whiteswan Lake Provincial Park for some gigantic rainbow trout. This location also has the famous Lussier Hot Springs where you can bathe in the warm thermal waters all year round and rejuvenate your body.Radium Hot Springs allows for a more off road adventure and you can hire a vehicle or hike out into the wilderness and learn more about this majestic place. You don’t have to scale the mountains to see more of this gorgeous area, but you can if you are feeling super adventurous.


Famed for playing host to some of the 2010 Winter Olympics events, Whistler offers an alpine adventure that is hard to beat anywhere else on the planet. It maybe a little chillier than the other areas but it also has more to I than simply skiing. Whistler has golfing tours, biking and hiking adventures that are as good as any other locations in Canada. The Garibaldi Provincial Park is famed for its remote location and you can relax without the hum of the city. Birkenhead Lake Provincial Park has mountainous forests for daring hikers and even sandy beaches for those not so brave. Fishing is also pretty common here and you can catch some real big fish if you bring your fishing game. Nairn Falls Provincial Park is usually seen as a stopover location, on route to more remote locations but it offers great facilities in its camping grounds.


If you are seeking more of a vacation style camping trip than a survival lesson, then you may want to consider Victoria. Although it is a big city, like anywhere in Canada, you are never far from nature and the activities are endless despite being close to the home comforts. You can even spot whales from some locations and hike out during the day to kayaking locations across the area. Goldstream Provincial Park is just a few hours’ drive from downtown Victoria, but you would never think so given the vast expanse of nature and gorgeous camping locations available to you. French Beach Provincial Park has great whale watching spots and calm, countryside areas where you can enjoy nature at its finest. Bamberton Provincial Park can be accessed via ferry and has sandy beaches with warm water. Again it’s pretty close to the city, but if you miss the room service you can always pop back and check into a hotel in the city. It maybe cheating but if you have been out in the wild for some time then Victoria can be your cheat place.

CaribooChilcotin Coast

If you are feeling adventurous you can get dropped of here and hike around to your heart’s content. This is one of the more remote locations on our list and has beautiful scenery to complement any camping tour. Some of the ranches here have horse-riding trips as well as kayaking and canoeing, although I am still unsure of the difference. Fishing is also great here in summer and the trout are in abundance. The best fishing said to be had at Lac La Hache Provincial Park and Ten Mile Lake Provincial Park. Green Lake Provincial Park has some of the biggest bodies of water in the area, except the sea maybe, and is perfect for all sorts of water sports. There are camping sites in abundance and you should book beforehand to get the best spots. The Douglas fir trees are thick here and you get some great hiking done throughout the year.

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